Rob was the overall winner of this Gibbs Shield counting event, with an excellent cumulative time difference on both circuits of only 23 seconds, including a spot on time for the 10 mph lap.
Alastair was just 2 seconds out on the 10mph average and only 24 seconds out on the 13mph, placing him second overall, at 26 seconds.
Mark took third at 1 min 8 seconds with Colin, Lee, Roy and Les a little further back but only 10 seconds covered all 4 riders.
A very enjoyable contest was concluded with refreshments at the Royal Exchange.

The Gibbs Shield ranking is now:

  1. Rob (30)
  2. Alastair (27)
  3. Mark (25)
  4. Colin (24)
  5. Lee (23)
  6. Roy (24)
  7. Les (21)

Thanks to John Jarvis for the use of his Garden wall.