All events are cancelled. Read our news posts for more details and general advice 

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All year long we have regular Sports and Chain Gang rides as well as our steady “Club” rides. In Summer our open race programme features road races and time trials and we have a Time Trial every Wednesday.


We organise social and recreational Club rides.

Welcome to Gloucester City Cycling Club

The Club is active throughout the year and supports social and cycling events at all levels. We tour, at home and abroad. We race – time trials, road races and cyclo-cross with some track thrown in too. We also campaign for better, safer cycling in our area.

Check out our ride categories and Calendar, then come along and make yourself known to the ride leader. Or have a go at a Club Time Trial on Day Membership.

We welcome anyone who cycles for commuting, pleasure or sport.

What's On This Week

Stay Alert or Stay At Home? New guidance for cycling

On Sunday 10th May, the Prime Minister said that ‘Stay At Home’ has become ‘Stay Alert’. and announced the relaxation of some rules about exercising. It is now acceptable (in England at least) to exercise as much as you like, not just for one short period a day. Also, it is now acceptable to meet someone from outside your own household if it is kept to one-on-one (no groups) and social...

Updated advice on exercising during lockdown

Crown Prosecution Service guidance on how to interpret the regulations on leaving home has been updated and now states "Exercising more than once per day - the only relevant consideration is whether repeated exercise on the same day can be considered a ‘reasonable excuse’ for leaving home". Read the full story on the website

Cycling dos and don’ts – a reminder

Do ride on your own, stay on your own, go home on your own and keep social interactions down to the absolute minimum. if you do meet people along the way then observe the guidance on social distancing. In like with all other forms of exercise the only exception to the riding on your own rule is if you ride with other members of your household – partner, children, housemates/flatmates. Don’t go...

Where did you ride today?

It was a beautiful sunny morning for a ride, with lots of solo riders and couples, as well as runners, on the Haw Bridge loop through Norton and Ashleworth. Rather encouragingly many of them didn't look like regular cyclists so perhaps when things return to normal we'll find that a lot more people have taken up the hobby. However nice it was to ride the loop it was a bound to be a disappontment...

Coronavirus update

Not much activity to report from the Club, with everybody self isolating and even the bold ones only riding on their own, so instead here's an excellent summary of tips to avoid contagion from Johns Hopkins University: The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (DNA) covered by a protective layer of lipids (fats) which, if absorbed by the cells of the ocular, nasal or mouth...

Covid -19 (coronavirus) impact on GCCC activities

In the light of Government advice and that of the national cycling bodies, below, we have decided to cancel all group events until 30 April. This means that all our club activities (Tuesday and Sunday rides, social gatherings, committee meetings,and time trials) are cancelled at least until then. Cycling UK "groups should call a halt to organised group rides for the time being." British...

Covid -19 (coronavirus) General Advice

As we are all aware, the Covid-19 epidemic now poses a high risk to all of us in the UK. The virus belongs to the same class as those that cause colds but is genetically very different from them. Firstly, this means that, like a cold, it is easy to catch: it is believed that you will catch the illness if you touch your face with hands that have not been washed, if the virus is present on your...

A handful of riders brave the bad weather

With the President, who was set to lead today's ride to Dursley, self isolating with some (thankfully not all) coronavirus symptoms and the Vice Captain suffering cabin fever in Spain where the country's state of emergency had placed the country in lockdown and interrupted his training camp (holiday) the B ride organisation was looking shaky. Fortunately John Cook turned up at Kings Square to...

Pothole Watch begins next week!

During "Pothole Week" (16th-22nd March) Cycling UK is encouraging everyone to report, via the app fillthathole or its website, any road defects they find. If you are unfortunate enough to hit one, they have prepared a gude on what to do, starting from the incident itself and taking you through the process of making a claim....

Leukaemia and Intensive Chemotherapy (LINC) charity ride

As many of you know, Simon Chapman has been receiving treatment for leukaemia for a number of years.  He is recovering well and back on his bike, as strong as ever, and plans to ride this event in support of the local LINC charity.  He’d love to have your company. We don’t normally promote such rides but circumstances alter cases...