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All year long we have regular Sports and Chain Gang rides as well as steady “Club” rides. In Summer our open race programme features road races and time trials and we have a Time Trial every Wednesday. Read more here


We organise social and recreational Club rides.

Welcome to Gloucester City Cycling Club

The Club is active throughout the year and supports social and cycling events at all levels. We tour, at home and abroad. We race – time trials, road races and cyclo-cross with some track thrown in too. We also campaign for better, safer cycling in our area.

Check out our ride categories and Calendar, then come along and make yourself known to the ride leader. Or have a go at a Club Time Trial on Day Membership.

We welcome anyone who cycles for commuting, pleasure or sport.

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Some thoughts on route planning

I have always found the prominence that the Ordnance Survey gives to boundaries bewildering. I am sure we have all tried to follow a parish boundary, mistaking it for a footpath (though not on our bikes). However, with the current COVID restrictions, I suddenly find myself avidly studying the county boundary, trying to ensure that I don’t make incursions into the forbidden lands of Worcestershire, Herefordshire or other surrounding counties. This has thrown up some anomalies. You can head...

Winter 2021 Spokespiece is now available

Another year, another lockdown but this time the weather is not so good. What to do? There’s a new edition of Spokespiece all lined up for you to view online, download or even print here Featured are articles on riding National time trials from two of our most experienced riders, with multiple BAR club trophies each, Gerry McGarr and John Murphy. A new contributor, Elena Eustace, tells of how she and four friends tackled the North Coast 500, including Britain’s highest road, the infamous...

Subscription issues

The Membership Secretary has advised the Committee that there are several members whose membership is due to end for non payment of subs and who will need to reapply should they wish to remain members of the Club. The Club rule 5.7 says "Subscriptions fall due on 1st October of each year and must be paid by 31st December. Any Club member whose subscription has not been paid by the 31st December shall no longer be a member of the Club. Any Club member whose subscription has not been paid by the...

Gloucestershire enters Tier 4 restrictions

Gloucestershire has now entered Tier 4 restrictions, and as a consequence, all Club activities are suspended until further notice. We hope that this does not prevent you from cycling and remind you outdoor exercise is still pemitted. All members are urged to read the rules for themselves on https://www.gov.uk/guidance/tier-4-stay-at-home. Our interpretation is that you may exercise alone, or meet one other person for exercise, but that larger groups are forbidden. Length or duration of rides...

Storm Bella cleared the way for today’s ride

Six set off up Painswick Road to Upton via a little ‘off road’ section – dry. The climb of Nut Hill was strewn with debris – as expected. A delightful ascent to the Cranham turning provided splendid views to the north, with the City and the Malverns in sunshine. At the junction John W succeeded in a mechanical – just a rear deflation, not too bad! All was sorted whilst we admired the (very) early snowdrops. An indication of snow to come soon? We took the opportunity of an easy road,...

Gloucestershire has entered Tier 3 restrictions

Gloucestershire entered Tier 3 restrictions on Boxing Day. The club has been trying to assess the impact of this on cycling. We may cycle in groups of up to six, in our own area and into some other areas, including tier 2 Worcestershire and Herefordshire, but we are not allowed to stop outside our own area (Gloucestershire). Wales and Tier 4 Oxfordshire are out-of-bounds. The main impact is with stops. All cafes and pubs are restricted to take-away service only. How this is interpreted, and...

Enough rain already!

For the last Sunday ride before Christmas the sun came out, highlighting a full rainbow against dark clouds to the north. A good turnout of riders meant two B rides as well as an A ride and the sports ride left the meet at Kings Square. In the A ride, five set off in darkening conditions. To bypass the rain they headed to Highnam and Tibberton, where a well-formed rainbow greeted them on the road to Huntley. Light rain descended, then heavier so the last rider caped-up (the leader). Road...

Club rides resumed today

Four set off on the B ride to Hopewell Colliery, enjoying the renewed sociability of the rule of six. As they left King's Square on a bright and cold morning, the worries were about ice. We lost one rider with a pre-existing injury at Aston Ingham then, after crossing the A40 at Lea, the brightness disappeared to be replaced with damp conditions. This left us rather surprised that one particular rider was still with us, as he has a reputation of pluviophobia. On the English Bicknor climb, we...

Recommencement of Club rides

From today the lockdown rules change again, and Gloucestershire, along with most neighbouring counties, enter “Tier 2”. Under these restrictions, we are allowed to meet outdoors and ride in groups of up to six. However, we believe that we will have to remain outside at any coffee stops, which may not be that appealing at this time of year. Club rides will re-commence under these restrictions. However, the situation with coffee stops will remain fluid and subject to late changes. It is even...

Missing links for off-road cycling

Are you trying to link up traffic free routes and getting frustrated by the need to join them up by riding busy roads? You are not alone, and Cycling UK is working to identify such opportunities. Take a look at https://action.cyclinguk.org/page/68755/action and add your own suggestions to the map. You never know, this could lead to us having a traffic free Highnam by pass along the disused railway line if we all submit the suggestion!