Welfare and Safeguarding

Gloucester City Cycling Club takes the safety and well-being of its members seriously. In compliance with statutory requirements for all sports clubs the Club is committed to adopting and complying with a number of policies and procedures, and codes of conduct, to which all participants, parents and guardians, club officials, coaches and volunteers are signed up.

As a British Cycling affiliated club Gloucester City is bound by British Cycling’s safeguarding and child protection policies. The Club has formally adopted British Cycling’s “Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Safeguarding and Protecting Vulnerable Adults” policies and principles of good practice, and follows British Cycling’s Guidelines for Best Practice. Details of the role of the Welfare Officer, our policies regarding Junior Riders, Video and Photography, may be found below, along with links to relevant organisations,

Should you have any concerns regarding the welfare of children or vulnerable adults in the Club; any aspect of Club activities, or any individuals at the Club please contact the Club Welfare Officer using the following form:

Club Welfare Officer

In compliance with British Cycling’s principles of good practice, Gloucester City Cycling Club has appointed a Club Welfare Officer whose remit is to play a key role in maintaining British Cycling’s high standards in relation to vulnerable groups participating in cycling; allowing peace of mind for participants, their families and club by ensuring those working with young people and vulnerable adults are suitable to do so.

The Club Welfare Officer’s contact details are to be found on our Contacts page.

Junior riders

If an unaccompanied child comes to a club ride without parent/guardian or prior contact then the Ride Leader should contact the child’s parents. This may be done by mobile phone. If the leader is satisfied that consent has been obtained and the parents are aware of the ride details the child may be allowed to continue.

The Ride Leader must be sure that the parents have agreed how the child is to get home after the ride. It is normal procedure for the group to break up towards the end, such that riders go home in ones and twos. If the child is to be collected or accompanied home by an adult friend, neighbour or the ride leader this will be agreed. The leader will confirm verbally with the child and if present the parents the destination, duration and likely difficulty of the ride. A child should not be cajoled or encouraged on to a ride that they may not be competent to make.

The ride leader must be fully satisfied that the guidance above has been followed and the child’s participation is fully supported by parents. If contact with parents cannot be made or the leader is not satisfied that these conditions can be met then the child should NOT be allowed to go on the ride.

Photography and Video

Photography and video provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our club members. Gloucester City CC, its members and other participants may take photographs and/or video during the course of an event, club run or club social activity for use on the Club’s website and Facebook members’ page; some images may be used for local or national publicity purposes. The Club is compliant with British Cycling’s Safeguarding and Photography guidelines. Photographs and video of our under 18 members will only be used where parental consent has been given.

Other useful contacts
  • British Cycling’s Safeguarding Liaison Officer : 0161 274 2082.
  • Gloucestershire Police: 111
  • Gloucestershire Adult Social Care Helpdesk: 01452 426868
  • Gloucestershire Children and Families’ Social Care Helpdesk: 01452 426565
  • NSPCC : Helpline 0808 800 5000
  • Childline : 0800 1111/ www.childline.org.uk
  • Kidscape : www.kidscape.org.uk
  • Anti-Bullying Alliance : www.anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk