Application Forms

Application for Membership

Complete the online application on this page and pay the appropriate subscription by bank transfer to: Alternatively, you may pay by cheque or cash to:

General Secretary, Treasurer, Club Captain, Race Secretary, or Race Steward.

Please note that a surcharge is due for payments made by methods other than standng order or bank transfer.

Young Riders Policy and Consent Form

A signed and completed consent form covers the year’s Club activities for all Young Riders on this Application.

All participants under 18 must be covered by a hard copy signed parental consent form. The only exemption is where a young person having reached the age of 16 can prove that they are no longer living with parents or guardian and are de-facto living as independent adults, as proven by the supply of evidence such as a rent book or utility bill with the person’s current address in their name or a National Union of Students membership card.

Club Rides

Club rides are described on the Which Ride? page. If an unaccompanied child comes to a club ride without parent/guardian or prior contact then the Ride Leader should contact the child’s parents. This may be done by mobile phone. If the leader is satisfied that consent has been obtained and the parents are aware of the ride details the child may be allowed to continue.

The Ride Leader must be sure that the parents have agreed how the child is to get home after the ride. It is normal procedure for the group to break up towards the end, such that riders go home in ones and twos. If the child is to be collected or accompanied home by an adult friend, neighbour or the ride leader this will be agreed. The leader will confirm verbally with the child and if present the parents the destination, duration and likely difficulty of the ride. A child should not be cajoled or encouraged on to a ride that they may not be competent to make.

The ride leader must be fully satisfied that the guidance above has been followed and the child’s participation is fully supported by parents. If contact with parents cannot be made or the leader is not satisfied that these conditions can be met then the child should NOT be allowed to go on the ride.

Time Trials
Participation in Time Trials or Races is subject to the specific requirements of BC or CTT; in summary, the child must be 12 or over to take part and this signed Parental Consent form must be held.
Sports/Training/Chain Gang Rides
Those harder rides that are not designated Club Rides are meant for serious adult athletes. They are distinguished by the fact that riders may, and often will, be dropped off the group if they cannot keep up. Whilst Young Riders are not forbidden to take part in such activities, extra safeguards (in addition to those applying to Club Rides) apply:

  • The parent (or person fulfilling that role) of the child must be told that the child must be accompanied by an adult rider who has agreed to stay with the child for the duration of the ride.
  • If no such volunteer agrees to potentially sacrifice his/her ride to act as the child’s mentor, the leader of the ride is entitled to use his/her discretion to refuse to allow the child on the ride.

All applications must be accompanied by full payment of subscription. Application for Membership need only be made on joining, thereafter renewal is by payment of subscriptions. Subscriptions are due on 31st October. Membership will lapse if subscription is not paid by 31st December.

Provisional Membership is granted upon receipt of a valid Application and the appropriate subscription. Applications are considered for acceptance as full Members at the next Committee Meeting. You will be advised of the outcome within two weeks of that meeting. The Club reserves the right to decline applications for membership at its discretion and is not obliged to enter into correspondence.