Racing Standards

Time Standard Medals

Those wishing to claim medals for beating standard times must claim by the 14th October at the end of the season with proof of results with £3.00 per claim.


Event:‘A’ Standard‘B’ Standard‘C’ Standard‘D’ Standard
10 miles21.4523.0024.3026.00
25 miles57.0060.
50 miles2.
100 miles4.
12 hours260 miles250 miles235 miles220 miles


Event:‘A’ Standard‘B’ Standard‘C’ Standard‘D’ Standard
10 miles24.3026.0027.3028.45
25 miles1.
50 miles2.
100 miles4.
12 hours235 miles220 miles205 miles190 miles



Singles Racing Men3hr 55min4hr 15min
Singles Touring Men4hr 45min5hr 10min
Tandems 3hr 45min3hr 55min
Tricycles4hr 25min4hr 55min
Singles Ladies4hr 40min5hr 10min

8 Awarding / Claiming Club Trophies, Records and Medals

8.1 Except for the overall winners of the Open Events, First Claim members only (referred to as ‘Club members’ or ‘Club riders’) may qualify for Club Trophies, Club Records and Medals. All Club members riding in events must ride in the name of the Club in order to claim Club Trophies, Records or Certificates / Medals.


8.2 Claims for Club Records, Certificates, Medals or any racing awards must be made to the Club Events Racing Secretary in writing by 14th October in any year, supported by the relevant Result Sheets and current fee, to be set at an appropriate amount each year by committee.


8.3 Any Club member owing money to the Club on August 31st shall forfeit any prizes won during the year.
8.4 Club members must be notified of prizes due to them by the end of October of the year in which they have been won.