Club Records


Standard distances
Senior (Men):
10 miles18m.47s.S. Townsend2016
25 m49m.09s.R Prebble1991
30 miles1hr.07m.12sA Rowley1992
50 miles1hr.48m.18sG Unsworth2009
100 miles3hr.54m.05sP Griffiths1969
12 hours277.61 milesP Griffiths1971
24 hours442.30 milesAE Goulding1962
Senior (Ladies):
10 miles22m.58s.A Wooldridge2000
25 miles59m.48s.A Wooldridge1996
30 miles1hr.19m.20s.A Wooldridge2001
50 miles2hr.06m.58s.A Wooldridge2000
100 miles4hr.45m.52s.A Wooldridge2000
12 hours225.08 milesA Wooldridge2001
24 hours332.582 milesA Wooldridge2002
Veterans (on Standard):
10 miles+6m.55s.J Murphy2014
15 miles+8m.04s.J Murphy2019
25 miles+17m.36s.J Murphy2019
30 miles+15m.38s.J Murphy2019
50 miles+32m.24s.J Murphy2015
100 miles+1hr.00m.46s.W Mayer2020
12 hours+65.43 milesG McGarr2013
10 miles21m.23s.A Scott1991
25 miles56m.11s.J Watkins1991
10 miles22m.08s.M Godden2010
25 miles53m.31s.M Godden2010
Non-Standard distances and ‘Out and Back’ records

See also the course details pagefor evening time trial course records

Portway hill climb:
2m.28s.J Barnes1992
Three Cities:
Single3hr.20m.26s.G Unsworth2007
Ladies Single3hr.48m.46s.A Wooldridge1995
Tandem3hr.39m.27s.A & J Jarvis2004
Mixed Tandem4hr.29m.01sC & M Taylor2007
Tricycle4hr.20m.04sV Dancey1975
Worcester and Back:
Single2hr.01m.J Barnes1992
Ladies Single2hr.26m.A Wooldridge1994
Tandem2hr.08m.G McGarr & R Llewelyn1986
Tricycle2hr.38m.V Dancey1975
Oxford and Back:
Single4hr.16m.A Jarvis2003
Tandem4hr.21m.A & J Jarvis2003
Tricycle5hr.50m.H Limbrick1954
Brecon and Back:
Single5hr.37m.J Barnes1992
Ladies Single7hr.43m.D Light2003
Tandem6hr.19m.K Atkinson & L Whitmore1975
Tricycle7hr.22m.V Dancey1975
Gloucester – Severn Bridge – Gloucester Circuit:
Single2hr.26m.27secG Unsworth2003
Tandem2hr.35m.50secA & J Jarvis2002
Tricycle2hr.48m.00secA Jarvis2003
Cardiff to London RRA Record:
Single5hr.54m.14secPhil Griffiths1971
Ultra Marathon Cycling Association
USA Coast to Coast, West to East, 3,021 miles
Ladies (50+)13 days 6 hours 9 minutes Ann Wooldridge2009