• British Cycling (BC) controls all Road, Track and Cyclo-Cross racing in Great Britain. Individual BC membership at a level appropriate to the event is a requirement to participate in BC-sponsored Open events. Membership of BC provides various benefits. We arrange Open Events in coordination with BC and our members participate in Open Events in our Club colours (race kit).
  • Cycling Time Trials (CTT) and Western Time Trial Association (WTTA) are the governing bodies for Time Trials in Great Britain/Western Area respectively. All our Club TTs run under cover of the CTT rules. A member of any other CTT-affiliated Club may participate in our TTs on payment of a small levy, non-members of such a Club may participate in our Club TTs on payment of a full Daily Membership subscription.
  • Road Records – Road Records Association (RRA) verifies and certifies best performances of road cyclists over given routes.
  • Cycling UK (formerly CTC) is a charitable institution which supports cyclists, campaigns on cycling issues and promotes cycling for recreational use. Cycling UK is also strongly involved in touring, home and abroad. Individual Membership provides various benefits, and our members may join as an Affiliate at a reduced rate.


Founded 1891
President: Malcolm Taylor
Sponsored by RUDY PROJECT
Affiliated to BC, CTT, RRA, WTTA, Cycling UK, CCRL