As you all know, at Gloucester City CC we are serious about safety. Every time we cycle, for competition, fitness or recreation there is a remote chance that something unexpected and unwanted could happen and having emergency, medical or contact information immediately to hand can only be beneficial, and could save your life.

If one of these unfortunate events should happen, we want first responders to have access to your IN CASE of EMERGENCY (ICE) contact and medical information as soon as possible. We also want fellow members to be able to get a message to anybody expecting you home to let them know what has happened and where they can find you. So, we have worked with the team at OneLifeiD to offer a set of three Club Branded Individual Emergency ID tags that enables our first claim members to carry their details and allows first responders to gain access to whatever information you think they need, including:

Medical history, insurance details, next of kin, emergency contact, or anything else you wish to disclose. This information is not shared with the Club or its Officers.


If you are a paid up member then upon request the membership secretary will provide you with a code that will get you a set of Emergency ID Key Tags. The Tag is one third the size of a credit card. It can be attached to bike, saddle pouch, clothing and/or keys. Added benefits are that you can attach the ICE Alert sticker to your helmet, set up an Online OneLife ID Profile, and a Mobile Phone Emergency Screensaver for even greater visibility and the ability to store and access more information.

It’s also worth remembering that from a mobile phone, especially in areas where coverage is poor, it is better to call the new emergency number 112 than the traditional 999 number. This video explains why, and gives you some tips on how to deal with weak or even apparently absent coverage. It’s well worth six minutes of your time to watch.