Bright sunshine and warm weather meant that this was the first Sunday when most riders chose shorts, which is quite a comment on this Spring’s weather on the last weekend in May. The sunshine provided a very enjoyable and social sports ride through lanes to the beautiful Wye Valley, and our coffee at Kerne Bridge. Continuing our ornithological theme, a buzzard circled lazily over us as we climbed up to Ruardean, as if waiting for a dropped rider.

What a joy to have sunshine and warmth from the set off! The B ride was hugely enjoyable with the route, scenery and the wildlife. The riders had to avoid a suicidal cat using up one life, squirrels, horses, twice with sheep on road and even startled goose calls. Despite missing the correct route up from the wye and instead tackling the Howle Hill we all remained in good spirits. George was lost, and then found, so the seven remained together until Tibberton where an early shower was declared.