We are pleased to announce that organized Club activities will resume from 30th March.

Our first activity will be the opening event in the evening time trial season, which will take place at Elmore on 30th March. This, and subsequent time trials, will be held under strict Covid protocols. The race calendar and COVID control measures may be viewed HERE. Note especially the need to bring along a pen, means of making a contactless payment, a face mask, safety pins, and a rear light.

Group activities will start on 31st March. British Cycling has advised that organized groups of fifteen are permitted under the Government’s regulations, but the Committee considers this too many to ride together on open roads, not least because of the obstruction it could cause to motor traffic. Instead, we shall ride in smaller groups, the size and composition of which will be decided by the ride leaders at the meeting point. At the meeting point, and any stops along the route, guidelines on social distancing will still apply so please do not approach other riders too closely.

The Chain Gang will resume from Wednesday, 31st March, at its new meeting point north of the A40 at the car wash garage on A38. Group size will be restricted, and rules on social distancing will apply.

On 4th April we shall have a Club ride to the Forest of Dean from Kings Square. Please assemble in groups around King’s Square as previously, using the space to socially distance. There will probably be an opportunity for a takeaway coffee and snack at Hopewell Colliery or Beechenhurst Lodge but this cannot be relied upon. We advise riders to come prepared for any eventuality by bringing a means of making a contactless payment, a face mask, and a snack. The usual optional pub stop may be replaced by a visit to a private garden, depending on interest and weather. Similar arrangements will apply for Club rides throughout April, with coffee in or near Tewkesbury on 11th, Berkeley on 18th and Tetbury on 25th.

There will also be Sport Rides, starting on 4th April. Like the Club ride, this will start at Kings Square, group size will be restricted, and rules on social distancing will apply.

Evening social rides will resume from 30th March, starting in Kings Square and following a circular route with up to six meeting for a drink in a garden at the end, weather permitting. We hope to be able to resume pub visits from 14th April.

Further details of these and future events are listed on the Club’s website’s Events page. We are grateful and relieved to be able to restart activities. Remember that when out riding we are always ambassadors for our sport and the Club so please; so that we can continue, remember and follow Government guidelines and in general show respect to other road users and the general public.

If you have any questions on any of the above, please ask ()