Café and Pub Stops

Below are cafes and pubs favoured by the Club. Sort the table by clicking on the column header and filter it using the search window. Although its not obvious on some browsers, the columns Name, Grid Reference, and Typical Route usually offer live links to more detail when you click on them.

Distances are measured in kilometres as the crow flies, not as ridden, and are from King’s Square, as are the bearings. Actual routes can be accessed from the “Typical routes” column for more accurate distance information and to download GPS files. Ride leaders are advised to check opening hours before turning up, and to book for larger parties and Sunday rides.

For details of other recommended cafes try these links:Cafe Network home page and their FaceBook page

TownNamePhoneWhere to find it...Post CodeDistance & bearingO.S. Grid ReferenceTypeSit out?Typical Route
AshchurchThe Malt House01684 423 150Unit 2, Tewkesbury Retail Park, Ashchurch RoadGL20 8JP17 NESO923332Café
BatsfordBatsford Arboretum01386 701441Batsford, Moreton-in-MarshGL56 9QB38 NESP183338Café
BeckfordSilk Mill Coffee Shop01386 881507Ashton RdGL20 7AU23 NESO980361CaféY
BerkeleyBerkeley Tea Rooms01453 8105276 High St, road to HamGL13 9BJ24 SW
ST684992CaféYA ride
B ride
BirdwoodThe Fairview Gardener 01452 750436Chapel LaneGL2 8AR9 WSO742187Garden CentreN
BirtsmortonFarmer's Arms01684 833308Birts Street, Malvern WR13 6AP18 NSO789364Pub
BlaisdonRed Hart01452 830477Blaisdon, LonghopeGL17 0AH14 WSO693163PubY
BreamThe Coffee Shop01594 563800High Street, Bream
GL16 6JF
26 SWSO603059Café
BroadwayNumber 3201386 30667032 High StWR12 7DT33 NESP099376CaféN
BromsberrowCommunity shop & CaféCommunity shop & Café01531 650744Bromsberrow HeathHR8 1PG17 NWSO732SO732328328Café
CamBerry Blue01453 547595Noel Lee Way (near Tesco)GL11 5PS46 WSO375200Café
The CampFostons Ash01452 863262Slad RoadGL6 7ES11 SESO914114Pub
Chacely StockYew Tree Inn 01452 780333Stocks LaneGL19 4EQ12 NSO872302PubY
CheltenhamJolly Brewmaster01242 77226139 Painswick RdGL50 2EZ11 ESO944214PubY
ChalfordLavender Bakehouse01453 88923920 London RoadGL6 8NW17 SSO896025CaféY
CinderfordWoodlands Freehouse and Restaurant01594 82792364 Saint White's RoadGL14 3D19 WSO 655129SO 655129PubYB ride
CirencesterWaitrose01285 643733Sheep StreetGL7 1SZ25 SESP021017CaféN
CirencesterJacks01285 664088844 Black Jack St.GL7 2AA25 SESP022021CaféNA ride
B ride
CirencesterThe New Brewery Arts Centre01285 657 181Brewery CourtGL7 1JH25 SESP 022019CaféN
CranhamBlack Horse01452 812217Sanatorium RdGL4 8HP8 SESO896130PubY
ColefordKaplans01594 83224240 Market PlaceGL16 8AA27 WSO575106CaféNB ride
ColwallCafe Morso01684 540806The ProvisionsWR13 6QG25 NSO757427Café
Closed Sunday
YB ride
ColwallThe Pavilion01684 541254The Stores House, Walwyn RoadWR13 6QT 25 NSO 753 423CaféYB ride
Croome ParkCroome Park01905 3710062km east of High GreenWR8 9DW27 NSO888451CaféYB ride
DeffordRevills Farm Shop01386 750 466Bourne Road
WR8 9BS26 NSO926432Farm Shop
DursleyThe Bank01453 54392080, Parsonage StGL11 4AB22 SST756982CaféN
DursleyLeaf and Ground01453 393007Dursley RoadGL11 6PP12 SWST742993Garden CentreYA ride
Earls CroomeNuyard Country & Garden Centre01684 438321Worcester Road (A38)WR8 9DA24 NSO863425Garden Centre
EbleyKitsch Coffee & wine bar01453 350930Ebley WharfGL5 4UQ14 SSO829046CaféY
FalfieldEastwood Garden Centre01454 261942A38 S of FalfieldGL12 8DA31 SWST675922Garden CentreYB ride
ForthamptonLower Lode Inn01684 293224W bank of river. Ferry in summer.GL19 4RE13 NSO875312Pub
Frampton on SevernMrs Massey's Delicious Diner01452 740016Unit 5-7, Industrial Estate, Bridge RoadGL2 7HE13 SWSO749085CaféNB ride
GloucesterCaffe Corretto01452 500002Barge Arm East, The Docks, GloucesterGL1 2DQ1 SWSO828181CaféY
GloucesterPelican Inn01452 582 9664 St. Marys St.GL1 2QRSO831190PubY
GrosmontPart-Y-Seal01981 2408142km E of Grosmont, off B4347NP7 8LE42 WSO421239CaféN
HaresfieldThe Beacon Inn01452 728884By the railway crossing GL10 3DX9 SSO813099PubY
HartpuryRoyal Exchange01452 700273Gloucester Road (A417)GL19 3BW7 NWSO799250PubY
HighleadonTrioscape01452 790550On B4215 at HighleadonGL18 1HQ8 NWSO771232Garden CentreN
HopewellHopewell Colliery01594 810706B4226, 500m W of Cannop XroadsGL16 7EL24 WSO604115CaféY
Hay on WyeThe Granary01497 82079020-21 Broad StHR3 5DB65 WSO230426CaféN
HuntleyLeaf Creative01452 830837Ross RoadGL19 3EX12 WSO714197Garden Centre
IlmingtonCommunity shop and café01608 682838Grump St, Ilmington, Shipston-on-StourCV36 4LD45 NESP211433CaféC ride
Kerne BridgeHen and Dot Cafe01600 890506Flanesford PrioryHR9 6HZ25 WSO579194CaféYB ride
LedburyCafé #101531 631 8763-4 Sear House
Bye Street
HR8 2AA23 NWSO710377CaféN
LedburyMarket House
(not Sunday)
01531 6342501 The HomendHR8 1BN23 NWSO711377CaféN
Leigh SintonThe Fold01886 833 633

Bransford, WorcesterWR6 5JB34 NSO797526CaféYC ride
LydneyKaplan's Cafe01594 84575861 Newerne StreetGL15 5RA25 SWSO636033CaféY
MalvernMac & Jac's01684 57330023 Abbey RdWR14 3ES28 NSO776458 CaféYB ride & back
B ride
MickletonTops Nurseries01386 438438Broadway Road GL55 6PT 40 NESP154432Garden Centre
Midford, BathHope & Anchor Inn01225 832296On the Colliers Way cycle pathBA2 7DD58 SST761607Pub
Mitchell TroyMillbrook Garden Centre01600 713770Old Raglan RoadNP25 4BD34 WSO502112Garden CentreY
Moreton in MarshRevolution Cafe01608 650933Cotswold Business VilageGL56 0JU41 ESP 218 323CaféNC ride
NailsworthThe Canteen01453 836172Daysmill GL6 0DU19 SST850997YB ride
NewentRoses Country Fayre Garden Centre01531 821242Ledbury RoadGL18 1DL15 NWSO718279Garden CentreNA ride
NewentThe Three Shires01531 82094153 Ledbury RoadGL18 1DL15 NWSO718282Garden CentreN
NorthleachThe Old Prison01451 862000The Old Prison, Fosse WayGL54 3JH 28 ESP109150CaféY
Norton nr WorcesterSt. Peter's Garden Centre01905 357595Pear Tree FarmWR5 2NY33 NSO867514Garden CentreY
NotgroveNutteryVillage HubGL54 3BS28 ESP108202CaféY
Oldbury on SevernThe Anchor01454 413331Church RoadBS35 1QA35 SWST608924PubY
Piff's ElmThe Old Spot01242 680321Tewkesbury RdGL51 9SY10 NESO897262PubY
RossThorns Coffee Lounge01989 567692Croft Court, Crofts LnHR9 7AB23 WSO610241CaféYA ride
RossThe Engine Shed01989 568999Ross Garden store, trading estate off A40HR9 7BW23 WSO609244CaféNA ride
B ride
SaulThe Stables Café01452 741 965Sandfield Bridge, Canal BankGL2 7LA12 SWSO755091CaféYAA ride
SlimbridgeThe Black Shed01453 890609Shepherds Patch,
Newgrounds Lane
GL2 7BP18 SWSO728042
CaféYB ride
SoudleyCreates01594 822 170Dean Heritage CentreGL14 2UB19 SWSO664106CaféNA ride & back
StauntonThe Coffee Shop01452 840612A417 nr mini island Course / StauntonGL19 3QA12 NWSO787295Garden CentreN
StavertonAviator01452 714442Gloucestershire AirportGL51 6SR13 NESO898295PubY
StroudUpper Lock Cafe01453 297172WallbridgeGL5 314 SSO848051CaféYB ride
MTB ride
StroudCurio01453 757 0529-11 Kings StreetGL5 3BX14 SSO850052Café
TetburyLyndseys01666 50369619 Church St.GL8 8JG26 SST890931CaféY
TetburyWhistle Stop Café01666 505 496The Engine Shed Arts Centre, Gumstool HillGL8 8EY26 SST891934CaféYB Ride
TewkesburyBrown's Garden Restaurant01684 299996The Mythe, A38 N of TewkesburyGL20 6EB17 NSO890345SO890345Garden CentreYB ride
ThornburyShelly's Cafe01454 41193332 St. Mary StreetBS35 2AT35 SWST639899Cafe (closed Sunday)N
TewkesburyThe White Bear 01684 296614Bredon RoadGL20 5BU16 NESO 895333Pub
TinternThe White Monk Cafe01291 689566Tintern AbbeyNP16 6TE36 SWSO522001CaféY
TinternOld Station01291 689339 Tintern, ChepstowNP16 7NX, 35 SWSO537006CaféYC ride & return
TrumpetThe Nest01531 670816Hereford Road, LedburyHR8 2PZ27 NWSO666395Garden CentreYB ride
B ride & return
Upper FramilodeThe Ship Inn01452 764050Upper Framilode, SaulGL2 7LH12 SWSO 751103PubN
Upton on SevernClive's Fruit Farm01684592664Willingsworth, Upper Hook RoadWR8 0SA22 NSO841407CaféYB ride
Upton on SevernThe Old Stables Tea Shop01684 591580Bridge House, WatersideWR822 NSO853407CaféB ride
WellsCheese Yard Café01749 670279Pearce Close Lane, West HorringtonBA5 3ED76 SST574475Café
WickhamfordWayside Farm Shop01386 830546Pitchers Hill twixt Evesham & BroadwayWR11 7RT33 NESP072408Farm ShopY
WinchcombeHayles Fruit Farm01242 602123Off B4632 3.5km NE of WinchcombeGL54 5PB25 NESP055299Farm ShopYB ride
Winchcombe Food Fanatics01242 604 46612 North StreetGL54 5LH25 NESP 025284CaféN