The Club’s first quiz of the year was held by teleconference. Quizmaster Alastair challenged everyone’s knowledge of Gloucester, its history, and its environs. The President and his wife took an early lead in the local history section and managed to maintain it through the following three rounds to claim maximim points towards the Gibb Shield. The Captain’s intimate knowledge of local lanes and scenery secured him the silver medal position and the final (virtual) podium place was taken rather appropriately by the Club’s Archivist, Roy. Alas, technical difficulties forced one participant to abandon as he couldn’t hear the questions, a serious obstacle!

The full resuls are:

  1. President, Malcolm, and First Lady, Helena
  2. Captain, Toby
  3. Club Archivist, Roy
  4. Gordon Kay
  5. Jane Joyner
  6. The Unsworths
  7. The Barwoods
  8. Social Secretary, Colin
  9. The Benhams
  10. A special mention for the Barnes, participating from Australia
  11. Adrian Pearce