The weather has made for perfect trail riding conditions and we hope those members whose interests stray away from blacktop have been able to enjoy them.

We are legally permitted to ride on bridleways (but not footpaths) but paths on common land and in woodland can be a bit ambiguous on the ground, with some permissive paths and some unauthorised ones that may be as obvious, or occasionally more obvious, than the rights of way. One of the favourite such places is the area around Cranham Woods and Painswick Beacon. Bigfoot MBC have had a discussion with local people, including Paul Baxter of Painswick Conservation Group, on where riders could and should ride, which has resulted in these resolutions:

Bigfool MBC has agreed NOT to do:

  • RIDE OFF THE BEACON DOWN THE STEPS (WITH THE PLASTIC MATTING) This slope at the end of run off the beacon was repaired a few years back, and it is not in good shape. We will need to either walk down, or find an alternative route.
  • DO NOT, AT ANY TIME RIDE ON THE GRASSLANDS. We will need to keep to the paths when we make our way over to Walkers (Trail).
  • DO NOT RIDE ON THE FORT RIDGE AT ANY TIME. This ancient fort is thought to date back to neolithic times, and it is being eroded by walkers and bikers.
  • DO NOT RIDE ON THE GOLF COURSE. For obvious reasons

Full details of the discussion may be viewed on Bigfoot’s site

Although Gloucester City CC has no formal affiliation with Bigfoot we strongly encourage our members to follow their example.