A Club member has been injured in a collision on the Longford roundabout this week. It is the second such accident there in recent years. The website CrashMap shows it to have had seven cycling incidents reported by police, two serious, in the previous five years. Most were in the North East (outbound) quadrant. In contrast the Over roundbout has had one and Elmbridge Court none, showing that the Longford crossing of A40 is the most dangeours for cyclists

Club members should consider whether to avoid this roundabout when planning routes, using the Longlevens Lane or Innsworth Lane bridges over the northern bypass instead. Note that there is a pedestrian crossing on the east (inbound) side of the Longford roundabout, that also provides a safer alternative crossing. With the junction improvements planned for this year there will be a traffic light controlled crossing on the west (outboound) side as well.

Those members who wish to ride the “chain-gang” circuit should think about meeting on the Longford side of the roundabout, rather than the traditional meet point of the Longford Inn.