With the launch of the next season’s runs list it seems appropriate also to mention improvements to the individual events’ presentation on the web site. In future, where a route has been prepared beforehand, it will be embedded in the posting, like this example from the September off road tour. You can trace the route with your mouse, either along the elevation profile or along the route itself, and see at any point the local elevation, distance ridden, and gradient. Using the drop down menu in the upper right corner you can also change the background map, with choices including topography, satellite, and Open Street Map. If you choose simple “Map” you even get Google’s yelllow peg man to link you to Street View, all without leaving our web site.
You may download the file to your GPS device by clicking on “Send to Device”, or click on “View Full Version” to see more detail, including a list of the climbs (and descents!), the cue sheet and the location of any unpaved sections.Why not give it a try now?