With no A ride leader at the square the A and B rides merged. Despite the pace being kept low for the first 10 miles we lost our +1, either from a mechanical but sadly no one knew. The leader retraced and waited, but to no avail. The climb up Frocester Hill caused much debate as to who set the route, but most guessed it had been one of the ‘On Tour’ riders. One found the pace a little taxing afterward but kept up all the same. There was a faller in Charfield, to much amusement, who, on setting off rolled onto the grass with bike on top. He received no injuries save a grazed leg and hurt pride.

The newly refurbished café in Falfield was much improved and a real delight. Breakfast was done and the riders set off back up the A38, all except one who wanted to bag more miles by going South. The A38 has been resurfaced in many stretches and traffic wasn’t too bad. A decent pace was set and all arrived back in Gloucester after a good ride.