Under the “Rule of 6“, two C groups left for Tintern this morning, and had an enjoyable ride through the Forest and down Stowe Hill to the Wye valley where they stopped at Tintern’s old railway station for coffee and cake. With cafe legs, they climbed up the picturesque Angidy River valley and past the ancient iron works, avoiding the main road climb to Wyndcliff.  This was a new route for most of the riders and is recommended for anyone heading that way.

Crossing the bridge with a strong NE wind proved interesting, and could have been quite difficult had we had deep rims.  One rider managed to break a spoke on the bridge, although it is hard to blame the wind for that.  The river always looks best when the tide is in, and crossing about an hour after a bore meant that the river was full, if rather muddy looking.

When the ride was selected, wind forecasts were light, but by the time the day came, there was a stiff headwind all the way home. Luckily, the Vice Captain is well known for his wheel-sucking skills, which were put to good use. Those doing all the work requested a stop at the Salutation for a swift shandy to break up the battle with the wind, and all riders returned without incident.

Two B rides headed for the Engine Shed at Tebury where coffee, cake, and the odd sausage pitta was enjoyed. The Captain’s route across Cranham Common and through Staverton and Cherington maximised eosure to a strong tailwind, so it was surprising to see many riders from other clubs heading the other way, into the wind. The return through Chavenage and Kingscote involved a small diversion before one group headed down Frocester Hill and the other took off for the Harefield Beaon via the Stanleys.

A brisk and compact group of six sport riders took to the Cotswolds via Stanway Hill, a small A category ride headed for Stroud and and, finally, two Tyndale section members destined for Bromsberrow on their classic machines.