The B ride set off with seven riders. It was a fast start with no stops at traffic lights or roundabouts which meant non stop to Northway. This doesn’t happen very often. The Group then turned north towards Bredon and into a stiff NW wind which was to haunt us all day. There was some relief when we turned right towards the Combertons but it got worse as we veered north to go straight into it on our way to Pershore. We diverted from the planned route to save time but made the ride into the wind even worse as we headed up hill to Croome Park. Two riders left just before the destination for reasons unknown and we gratefully reached the coffee stop. Most then carried on to lunch. Once again it was into the wind to Upton on Severn where we turned north and west again into the wind but this time sheltered by trees, to Welland Stone and Castlemorton. It was just after Rye Street that we encountered recent hedge cutting and sure enough the leader punctured, luckily in his front wheel, if there can be any luck with a puncture. Now running quite late and knowing that the Captain was already sampling the HPA at the Royal Exchange we cut our losses and headed down the main road with the wind on our side, not the full assistance I was hoping for, to Hartpury where we found that he had left, but lots of HPA remained for us at the bar.