You may not want to hear this in the week before Christmas, but the next season’s race calendar is available for download here and the events are listed throughout the calendar. You can also get a quick view of when races are being held in the race schedule. The social season ends now!

To find specific events you can search for key words, months, or locations using the selection boxes on the full calendar. For any event, if you look under “Event Category” in the grey box of event details you will see the type of event, for example “Dan Knight” or “CEBAR”. Clicking on this will take you to the calendar and show all similar category events. If you get a message such as “No matching events listed under Race. Please try viewing the full calendar for a complete list of events” and a blank calendar month it means that there are no such events in the month displayed. Page through to subsequent months using the >> in the upper right corner of the calendar to find future events that meet your search criterion.

Don’t forget that you can downlod calendar entries to your phone using the “Export Events” button from the calendar, if you want  to get the whole month’s events, or the iCAL Export or Google Export button to export individual events.