Time trial category results, competing for the Boakes Shield:

  1. 3h 54m 30s T. Gudgeon-Osterritter (pictured)
  2. 4h 18m 47s T. Lake
  3. 4h 54m 37s L. Smith (L)

The first year of the revised road bike category, competing for the Tourist Shield, proved popular with the majority of entrants competing for this prize:

  1. 4h 04m 07s G. Barwood (pictured)
  2. 4h 07m 54s N. Jones
  3. 4h 07m 57s N. Ingleby
  4. 5h 12m 47s C. Edmonds (punctured)

Congratulations to the winners, and kudos to all who completed this tough and historic course.