Another year, another lockdown but this time the weather is not so good. What to do? There’s a new edition of Spokespiece all lined up for you to view online, download or even print here

Featured are articles on riding National time trials from two of our most experienced riders, with multiple BAR club trophies each, Gerry McGarr and John Murphy. A new contributor, Elena Eustace, tells of how she and four friends tackled the North Coast 500, including Britain’s highest road, the infamous Bealach na Bà. Alastair Goldie revisits his youth in the Leadhills area and brings our touring stories bang up to date with an account of the Ludlow tour, jointly written with the Captain, Toby. An alternative tour, to Leominster, was organized the same weekend because “there was no room at the Inn” in Ludlow and Vice-Captain Ian Wareing recounts its story. All this and more are to be found in the colour illustrated edition.

As editor, I’m always keen to expand the newsletter’s readership so please feel free to forward the link to your friends. Also, if you don’t like reading online and are daunted by the thought of printing off the full 16 pages (only eight double sided pages, mind) I’ve created an experimental text only edition here. Whether I do so again will depend on demand, so do le me have your feedback at