Club Chairman Iain Holmes demonstrates safe distancing

It was a beautiful sunny morning for a ride, with lots of solo riders and couples, as well as runners, on the Haw Bridge loop through Norton and Ashleworth. Rather encouragingly many of them didn’t look like regular cyclists so perhaps when things return to normal we’ll find that a lot more people have taken up the hobby.

However nice it was to ride the loop it was a bound to be a disappontment because this was to be the weekend of the Club Tour to Ludlow, and what a fine weekend we would have had for it. However, like the Sunday Club ride and Chain Gang, it was cancelled because of social distancing rules that have been in place since 23rd March. Luckily solo rides are permitted as daily exercise and we hope you managed to get out on your bike. However much you like or miss your Club mates, though, please don’t be tempted into a group ride. If you do it in mufti you will bring cyclists in general into disrepute, and if you do it in Club colours it is your Club that you bring into disrepute.

The Health Secretary has already threatened to tighten the regulations if they are abused but that is not the most important reason to obey them. The most important reason is to Protect the NHS and To Save Lives; potentially yours.

Keep riding, keep fit, and be safe.