Cycling UK have been closely involved in pre-consultation on proposed changes to the Highway Code that would make cycling and walking safer, including:

  • the introduction of either a ‘hierarchy of users’ or ‘hierarchy of responsibility’, recognising that road users that pose greater risks to others should have a higher level of responsibility,
  • a new rule tackling ‘left hook’ collisions, giving priority to whoever is going straight ahead at an unsignalised junction (this short video explains how it would work),
  • new rules to address dangerous overtaking and ‘close passes’, with a guideline minimum safe passing distance of 1.5m at 30mph, 2m at higher speeds.

​These are three of ten key changes that, if adopted, will make our roads significantly safer for cycling, and walking. It’s vital that these changes make it into The Highway Code, which is why Cycling UK is seeking your help. Check out their site and tell them what you think.

You can see the full consultation documents and answer all of the consultation questions on the Department for Transport website