Tyndale CC founders


Just a few words of introduction concerning the latest exciting addition to Gloucester City Cycling Club. The all new ( well…rather old actually) Tyndale Cycling Club / Tyndale 1891. For those of you new to the club, this was the Original club name…actually, in 1891 it was The Tyndale Athletic and Cycling Club, later in 1894 becoming The Tyndale Cycling Club, and changing the name yet again in 1900 to Gloucester City Cycling Club…so you can see the connection. The initial idea of renewing the Tyndale CC emerged following the 125 ride to Dursley in 2016 when Gerry McGarr (who some of you may know and I, Ivan Bowkett, unwittingly had the same Idea, that of creating a retro cycling club.

The jersey design

A few months later we held our first ride out to Toddington with four members. This proved to be a very enjoyable day out and planted the seed for further adventures. Since then we have been out on many occasions, with short rides on a Saturday, for mixed abilities and a ride out once a month. The monthly ride which has proved very popular is usually between forty and sixty miles and usually planned to tie in with a Gloucestershire event or attraction eg. Dean Forest Railway, World War 2 weekend at Toddington, Gloucester Motor Show. Carnival and Stroud Steam Fair to mention but a few. This distance on old bikes can be a challenge but great fun all the same. If we hit a big hill we simply get off and walk…there’s no rush.

The aim of Tyndale 1891 is to be the retro side of GCCC and you’ll soon start seeing their activities posted among the Club’s events. Read about their activities at their Facebook page, here