Considering the forecast of strong winds, I was surprised at the numbers in the Square.  Nine set off on the B ride to Cirencester. Two left us at the top of Nut Hill, and then our sole lady announced that
she had a tree to fell and left us at the top of Sanatorium road. Not having the courage to argue with a woman with chainsaw, the Vice Captain had no issue with this.

The warnings to be prepared for debris on the road were listened to, which was just as well, as there was a lot of it on the lanes as we continued through Brimpsfield and Woodmancote to the Bathhurst Arms,
where the President turned for home along the Churn valley road. A stiff little climb took us up to White Way, and then along some confusing lanes around Down Ampney. We timed it to perfection, turning into the gale force wind just as the hail started. The wind made it hard for me to hear what was being said in the peloton, but I am sure it was complimentary.

Dobbie’s garden centre had a ridiculously long wait for coffee, which resulted in two riders heading into Cirencester for their refreshments. After some discussion on our table we concluded that the most sheltered route back was via Coates and Daneway, and the shelter, coupled with good teamwork made the wind bearable.