Captain’s Report: After the early start Colin led a fine ride into a strong headwind to the official destination, Yate – the Antique Birdcage. A hard to find but jolly nice cafe. Caping up and off did take place and slowed the ride a wee bit, but we did not get particularly wet. Once established in the cafe, the heavens opened for a good hour: the deluge was impressive, and a second round of coffee was called for. By 12.15pm there was a lull, so we mounted up and began the 35 mile ride home via Wickwar and Falfield, amongst other points in between. Berkeley, the Slimbridge by-pass and a short section of A38 was negotiated, leading us back to Frocester and the safety of The George inn. Once settled in, the rain re-commenced.

It’s all about timing! Once again, a second drink was called for prior to departing in the ‘dry’. Gloucester was gained, more or less dry, with 71 miles completed. One puncture for Malcolm G (a failed repair) and a ‘pump-and-sprint’ for our leader.

Vice Captain’s Report: Fearing confusion over the programmed early departure, I turned up in King’s Square to offer a 09:00 B ride.  Overnight thoughts of dashing to Yate to join the 08:30 departure were quashed by the morning weather forecast.  With just five riders, and a forecast of rain from 12:00, I decided to try the “Jolly Nice” near Frampton Mansell for coffee.

The group of five were very evenly matched, which made it an easy and enjoyable ride to lead.  Rather more hills were found on the way to Frampton Mansell than were strictly necessary, but at least the hills seemed to mask the moaning about the head-wind, and we arrived at exactly 11:00.  While we sat in our Yurt drinking coffee, the rain started with some ferocity, which made us all very pleased we were not in Yate.  After coffee, the group split, with 2 returning via Daneway and Foston’s Ash, and the other 3 heading down the Stroud valley for a drag race up the A38.  All that can be said is that at least the strong southerly wind kept the rain out of our faces.