The five riders taking the Vice Captain’s “Faster and Longer” ride considered referred it to the Advertising Standards Authority, questioning whether it lived up to either of the keywords in its billing. However, it did make up for these missing ingredients with plenty of hills. A pleasant meander through Churchdown took us to Leckhanpton Hill, and Hartley Lane, where we just avoided the ignominy of being overtaken by some runners. A stiff climb to Upper Coberley, and then another out of Hilcot set the tone, before the almost never-ending Withington Woods Climb. The last six miles into Cirencester were straight down the White Way, which is a very flattering road with a gentle downhill gradient. The strong headwind was countered by good teamwork, and the peloton arrived in Cirencester ready for refreshment. On the return leg the Vice Captain suffered a broken rear gear cable climbing out of Whiteway  but limped home largely on the cross-over gear (34/11).

And from the other (slower and shorter?) ride comes this report:

I am feeling pained: 62 miles with Gloucester city, up Nut Hill to Cranham, and turned towards the White Way, turned off some lanes never done before, thank goodness the leader, Neville, knew were he was going. We came out near the Sapperton road, and onto some lovely rolling hills, and into Cirencester, to coffee, 24 hard miles.
After coffee The Captain took us on some new roads, off road and normal, and ended up at Frampton Mansell for lunch and a sit down, after which we climbed Dameway and back to Foston Ash, back down Cranham woods and down Nut hill, Horton road and home.
A good day out, good views but not many pictures taken, Good laughs and chats. Glad to be home ready for tea.