When the ride leader sent me the route, saying he couldn’t make the ride, I didn’t spot the bear-trap he had laid. I did spot a lane we don’t normally use from Cranham Corner to Sheepscombe, so on Saturday, I went to have a look, and quickly discovered why we don’t use it. Deciding it would be dangerous for a group, but enjoying the views from the Sheepscombe to Bulls Cross lane, I plotted a suitable diversion, over Painswick Beacon.

On arrival in Painswick, I encountered my first revolt, as half the ride took the (allegedly) less steep Greenhouse Lane, while the remainder followed me via Sheepscombe. However, all was well when we re-grouped at Bulls Cross, and we enjoyed the Slad descent. The “bear-trap” was the planned ascent of Selsley and then descent through Uley. With time against us, I diverted via Middleyard and Frocester to Cam, where we once again met up with rebels who had avoided Selsley altogether. Despite taking different routes, the whole group arrived at coffee together. A very enjoyable ride.

Vice Captain