What can I say about this summer that hasn’t already been said? The Covid pandemic has overshadowed everything and made the activities of a cycling Club seem somewhat trivial. That said, it’s the small things in life that make it worthwhile, so the loss of group rides, café stops, and racing was keenly felt. As the summer draws to a close we have been able to resume some of these activities, albeit in a rather restricted fashion, by ensuring that groups are small and well separated, and by making sure that café and lunch stops have outside accommodation. Unfortunately, restrictions on meeting inside  and the fact that so many of trophies cannot be awarded this year, means that the Committee has reluctantly cancelled the Dinner and Prize Giving. Another casualty is the AGM, which will be held by teleconference. Luckily, despite the dearth of 2020 activity to report, a substantial contribution from Canada has enabled us to produce a full edition of Spokespiece for your enjoyment. It contains features on the Elmore Loop (I never knew there was so much to see), Daryl Stroud’s summing up of the racing this year, including the National 100, some musing on the subject of gravel bikes, a recap of some of our Club rides and the aforementioned contribution from Alan Rea who rode from Land’s End to John O’Groats last year. For the third time! He must be a glutton for punishment, and is certainly more willing to to ride in the rain than I am!

Let’s hope next year is a return to normal, even if it has to be the “new normal” of which so many commentators speak!

The Editor