Now that regulations around meeting, and around eating and drinking out, have become less onerous we are pleased to be able to launch a full programme of summer rides that you may download HERE

This return to normality has brought with it a surge in membership so for the benefit of those new members we have decided to clarify the definitions of the various Sunday rides we organize:

AA – Flat, easy pace, open invitation ride typically 18 to 25 miles to coffee, 35 to 40 miles round trip. Average riding speed 10 to 12mph, depending on attendees.
A – Easy(ish) possibly a few gentle climbs; some experience necessary, typically 20 to 28 miles to coffee; 50 to 60 miles round trip. Average riding speed 12 to 15mph.
B – Hills, experience and stamina necessary; typically 28 to 32 miles to coffee; 60 to 70 miles round trip. Average riding speed 14 to 17mph.
C – Long ride requiring very good stamina and food supplies. Check with Captain for details. 80+ miles round trip. Average riding speed 14 to 17mph.
SPORT RIDES: These are generally category B as above, the route often being longer / hillier. Destination may differ from the Club Ride if numbers dictate. Average speed 17-19mph.
TRAINING RIDES :These are around three hours with a coffee stop at the end in or around Gloucester. Average Speed of about 19-21 mph.

There will always be a Club ride, which we categorize as AA, A, B, or C, depending on difficulty. The events calendar always shows the ride category in the “Details” section as an Event Tag. Clicking here on the letter will bring up a list of other rides of the same catagory. The Ride Leader will make sure that no one is left behind.

We also usually have a Sport Ride and a Training Ride. The Sport Ride is for those who want to ride a bit faster than the Club Ride, but still want to participate in the social experience of a mid ride coffee stop. The Training Ride is intended primarily for those members who ride competitively.

All the rides meet in Kings Square and you can always ask for advice there or beforehand as to which ride will suit you best. If in doubt, try riding in the group slower than you think you can manage and use that to decide where you will be most comfortable in following weeks. For more information check our Which Ride? page

Finally, guests are welcome to join us for three rides. After that, and before they may participate in future rides, they are required to apply for membership using the Application Form available on line HERE.