The second B ride, a little slower than the first took coincidently the same route but in the opposite direction. It went via Brimpsfield and the roller coaster hills of the Duntisbournes. The Cotswold villages were looking chocolate box pretty with roses in full bloom around ancient cottages. The ford’s were intentionally avoided by the leader. At precisely 11.00 we arrived at the the coffee stop and so did the first group. The first group gallantly offered to go elsewhere but they need not have bothered as there was plenty of room at Zoro”s with its varied menu and excellent service.

Back on our bikes it was through Ewen and Cherrington where the leader missed a turning but a quick check on the map and a steep climb put us back on course. A rough descent resulted in a deflation for the Captain but he chose a nice spot for it. The leader’s Garmin did its stuff and lead us to the Black Horse at Ambedley, a first for the Club. The views from the garden were spectacular with May Hill on the horizon. It was a swift descent down to Woodchester and then the cycle path to Stonehouse and home.
56.89 miles and 3211 feet of climbing.