The calendar is back on line, with a new look. Some of the race details have changed becauses we have finalised details of the interclub events and acknowledged that the Pendock bridgeworks will probably not be completed this season, obliging us to use two laps of the shorter, seven mile, course. In brief, the changes are as follows:

* 1/04 event is cancelled
* 20/05 is now a 10 on the UC713 (CEBAR) (was interclub on the 21/05)
* 28/05 is now an interclub 10 on the U706 Cheltenham running (was a 10 on the UC713 on the 27/05)
* 11/06 is now an interclub with Cheltenham on the Pendock 14 (short course). Was a Pendock 18 on the 10/06
* 24/06 is still the 10 but not an interclub.
All Pendock 18s are now Pendock 14s (due to on-going bridgework).
The revised racing calendar can downloaded here