Three rides today, with the Sports Ride cancelled in favour of the Three Cities. Malcolm G led one containing the President, making it Ground Force One in the parlance of USAF.  Ground Force One accepted the mission profile of circumnavigating Bredon Hill before eleven o’clock and set off at the prescribed 17 mph into a northeasterly wind. Attempts by some to moderate the pace were thwarted by the ride leader, who would come through and raise it. Encouragement was offered to the many Pied Piper fund raisers cycling in the opposite direction, but was also needed to the one rider foolish enough to have come out on a fixed wheel. His legs were whirling at a disconcerting speed. At Ashton Under Hill everyone got the chance to slow down, those who could down shift doing so, leaving our fixie rider to roll off the front. Like many a breakaway rider he learnt a cruel truth; the peloton have control. They showed  it by catching and passing him on the uphill finish to Brown’s where Malcolm’s G &T sought refreshment. Gin there was not, but for tonic they both took tea.

Afterward a reduced Ground Force One, now with a couple of visitors from Yaz Cycles, took a steady route back along the river’s west bank through Tirley and Maisemore to home