Eleven riders were present at the ungodly hour of 08:00 to start the ride to Avebury. The usual route via Foston’s Ash and Daneway to Coates was familiar, but after that, we soon entered the less frequented, and flatter lanes of Wiltshire.

Coffee was taken at Malmsbury Garden Centre, where one rider said “At least you aren’t going up Clyffe Pypard”, to which the ride leader responded “We are”. The conversation concluded with “Swindon RC consider it to be the hardest climb this side of The Galibier”. All I can say is that Swindon RC need to get out more !!! Seven riders continued to Avebury stones were impressive but exceedingly busy. There appeared to be a fairy convention (no, that isn’t me being non-pc), but we stopped for a photo (of the stones, not the fairies) before plowing on. A pub stop resulted in a round of seven cokes, which is probably a comment on dehydration levels, rather than responsible cycling.

It was interesting to observe different riders going through low points at different points in the return journey, and being helped through those lows by their companions. I think that one rider would have emulated Tibot Pinot if there had been a team car behind to climb into. However, in the absence of such an option, all riders made it home fairly tired, having had a 100 mile day.