The warm weather brought a qood turnout to the Square, especially considering that the Sport ride had been cancelled to encourage participation in the Three Cities Reliability Trial. Three groups set off, the one led by Malcolm G contained the President making it Ground Force One, in the tradition of the USAF. Ground Force One accepted the mission profile of circumnavigating Bredon Hill before tea and buns on Mythe Hill at eleven  so a 17 mph pace was prescribed. In case of delays, though, our ride leader dealt with any attempt to ease the pace by coming to the front and raising it, despite a fresh Northeasterly head wind. We encountered many riders going the other way, presumably participating in the Pied Piper fund raiser, and gave them all encouragement. However, encouragement was also needed back in the peloton where any one bold enough to be on a 72″ fixed (no names, no pack drill) was whirling like a dervish. At the sight of a small climb after Ashton Under Hill (the clue is in the name) everyone who could down shifted and slowed. Our fixie rider just kept rolling along and went off the front, expecting to be reeled in on one of the steep descents in the Combertons. Instead he was made to suffer the fate of many a breakaway, being left hanging out in front and finally reeled in and passed on the uphill finish to Brown’s. Here Malcolm’s G & T sought refreshment, but Gin there was not and for Tonic tea was partaken instead.

A reduced Ground Force One, with a couple of visitors from Yaz Cycles, then took a comfortable ride back along the west bank of the river through Tirley and Ashleworth to home.