Despite a damp start, there were quite a few riders in the Square this morning. 13 set off on the B ride to Falfield, and were treated to lung-busting Frocester Hill and the excellent descent into Wooton. A Hail-storm coming through Matson on the way home was not pleasant, and nor was that horrible pain as my feet defrosted in the shower. However, given that its February, it was a good ride.

The A ride left the Square in the rain which gradually eased off, no doubt prompted by a puncture. After that it was plain sailing along Route 41 and on to the A38 at Falfield reviving memories of the finish of U18R and that awful drag. Good refreshments at Eastwood Garden Centre. No rain on the return but we did see a great black cloud over Gloucester. It had gone by the time we left the Beacon Hotel in bright sunshine.