The club has been carefully monitoring government regulations, advice from cycling governing bodies, and observing what is happening in practice around our area and now believes there is a case for some club activities to recommence from Sunday 5th July.

We recognise that each individual member has different circumstances with respect to virus risks and consequences for themselves and those in their households. For this reason, it has to be a personal decision as to whether you wish to participate during this period. To avoid putting any pressure on members to attend, no points will be awarded towards attendance-based trophies, such as the Dancey trophy, until further notice. Please do not attend any club event if you, or anyone in your household, has symptoms, or has been asked to self-isolate.

Members are reminded that the social distancing rules apply at the meeting points and cafe stops. There is plenty of space in King’s Square, and we encourage its use to maintain 2m separation.

Sunday Rides

At the time of writing, the maximum group size is six. To achieve this, we will be asking riders to split into groups of up to six, and require groups to leave King’s Square at two minute intervals.

The Vice Captain will publish a route that may be downloaded into GPS devices, so that many riders will have the route to follow. We will try to keep the same groups together each week, thus further reducing each member’s “social bubble”. It would be appreciated if riders would advise him by the previous Friday if they intend to particiate (). This will assist in making arrangements with the venue. If any members have suggestions for venues, or intelligence as to what a venue is offering, please pass it to him at the same address.

An increasing number of establishments are offering “take-away” service, and it is anticipated that after 4th July, things will open further. Be aware that not all facilities, particularly handwashing and toilets, will not be available at every stop.

Because the situation is fluid, destinations will be selected and published during the preceding week. Note that in the event of a wet forecast, where sitting outside would not be a pleasant experience, the ride may be a non-stop loop ride, in which case, you are recommended to carry some provisions. Destinations will be posted to the Club’s Facebook page and the Event Calendar.

Tuesday Social Rides

These will follow the same principles as Club Rides. Contact the Social Secretary for details. ().