Riders generally prefer riding into the wind in the morning, with the hope of getting blown home. Therefore, Croome Park would not have been the obvious choice for this morning’s ride. Seven riders hoisted their sails in King’s Square and set off to Croome Park, hardly having to pressure the pedals at all. Apart from a detour through the Walton Cardiff estates, where even the club’s own Sat-Nev admitted to being confused, a traditional and fast route was taken.

The advantage of the wind meant that coffee was reached before the rain started, and so we had the benefit of dry kit for our break. Pay-back came on the way home, although the rain never got too hard. The wind was particularly ferocious on the open common near Corse Lawn, where speedometer readings drifted slower and slower. I don’t know about everyone else, but my legs felt like they had been out on a serious ride.

We can but hope for a similar wind next week, with Eastwood Park and Berkeley being the destinations.