A blustery day saw surprisingly high numbers in King’s Square, and as the B ride left, it became apparent that it would be too big to manage. Simon volunteered an alternative ride, and six who really ought to know what a “Simon alternative” will be like, followed him.  True to form, he went looking for hills, but they were hills we don’t often frequent.  Out through Churchdown took us to the unforgiving Leckhampton Hill, which, with a left turn at the top, turned into Hartley Hill.  A nice rest down to Severn Springs, and then past the Green Dragon and up Bubbs Hill, which I had forgotten has a nasty kick at the top.  After the climbing was over, we just had the strong headwind to contend with, and we were grateful to George and Mike for providing shelter for the rest of the pack

After splitting  into more sensible sized groups, the first group climbed Nut Hill and Fiddlers Elbow.It was then Brimpsfield and Caudle Green. The surfaces were muddy and wet with lots leaves and twigs making descents potentially dangerous but all managed safely. The Duntisborne fords were avoided as it was already wettish. A good run in to Cirencester where we had to walk down one way streets. Jack’s cafe had promised us the “museum” but it was not open so seating was a bit tight but the service was good. After coffee it was into the wind towards Ewan and Coates with a stop to cape up. The weather stayed drizzly to lunch we met up with Peter Davies from the AA ride.

Seven stayed out for lunch at the Royal William in Cranham, and one unfotunate had a puncture.