The ride leader plotted the most scenic route to Ross, and the weather cooperated, with a crisp clear morning with bright blue skies. Todays ride had Autumn colours at their finest. Leaf fall has been late this year and as a result the roads are not slippery. Sometimes it was a leaf confetti, with leaves falling all around and on top of the riders. Right from the start, with views over the Severn from Woolridge Hill, it was obvious it was going to be a cracker, with stunning views around and along the Wye to follow.

With much “blood, sweat and gears” (fortunatley, no blood was spilt), the Linton Ridge was gained at the Penny Farthing, which provided views over the Malverns, and the Black Mountains. Some confusion in the roadworks at Old Gore crossroads split the group, but we all found our way down to the Wye and along the beautiful road through Hole in the Wall to coffee.

Further treats after coffee included the Walford and Flaxley valleys. A thoroughly enjoyable morning out.