A wet and foreboding start at the Square saw a reasonable number assemble for three rides, though only two took the “sport” option. A perfect five took the A option and, like the ten who opted for B, left in the rain.Their way along Blackwell Lane was blocked by a group of heffers that was carefully herded away by the Ride Leader. Coats were removed as the rain stopped, the sun came out and a wonderful ride through the autumn colours ensued through Upleadon, Newent, Oxenhall, and Dymock to arrive in time for the Remembrance Service at Ledbury’s war memorial in Homend. The President and another, both abandoning the B ride after braving Clencher’s Mill ford to ride through Eastnor, joined them there to pay their respects at the service. The names of 128 men from Ledbury who died in the two World Wars were read out in a moving ceremony, then it was time for refreshments at Mrs. Muggins.