Mark attempts to blow up his tyre after puncturing at Forthampton

Following the previous evening’s 126th Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation a leisurely start to Sunday’s ride was appropriate. The overnight frost also made a late start prudent so it wasn’t until ten o’clock that the peloton left King’s Square. Two groups headed out; the faster (and smaller) led by the Vice Captain and the other by the Captain himself. We headed up through Staverton to Stoke Orchard then lost our first member at Tewkesbury as Phil, still nursing his wounds from an earlier chute near White Leaved Oak, turned for home. The next split came after a loop through Bushley Green, when Malcolm G., on what was planned to be his last ride with the Club this year, decided to go for some more miles, taking a few others with him. The Captain focused on getting refreshments for his club mates, who were ready for a little “hair of the dog” after the previous evening and turned towards Ashleworth. Alas, not all made it through Forthampton and he had to turn back to witness Mark making his debut in the competition for Bruce’s Bonus (see picture). Five survivors pressed on, not wanting to catch a chill, two heading for home and DIY whilst the remainder reached the welcome of the Boat at Ashleworth to await Mark and Toby. After a swift one everyone drifted away, heading for home, with the President elated to have achieved an all time PB over Wooldridge Hill to Maisemore despite, or perhaps because of, his riding a fixie for what had otherwise been a relatively flat and gentle outing.