We are topping up our stocks of Key Items – FRC White Jersey Short Sleeve, FRC Bib Shorts, FRC White Speed Suits; plus Tenax Bib Shorts and Tenax White Jersey Long Sleeve. If you want any of these items, email gccckit@gmail.com and reserve it, preferably before the order goes in – that way you are guaranteed to get what you want. Prices are as given in Members\Clothing (2018 prices). We will order sizes based on what has historically sold well, but if you want e.g. Size XS or 4XL tell Ken now or take a chance! Same comment applies to any non-Key Items, notably any tops in Black or Gold, or any Gilets or Wind Jackets.

Racers – most Speed Suit buyers have gone for Long sleeve in the past, but this may be changing. These are the least cheap (i.e. expensive) kit in our catalogue, and ordering in both Long and Short sleeve for stock would blow too large a hole in the Club’s bank balance. Votes please on what you prefer – Short or Long? Also, we have asked Yellow to quote for sourcing Speed Suits with 3 pockets – will advise.