For a change we had a mild and largely dry Sunday to enjoy some Spring cycling, following two very cold outings.  The destination was the garden centre at Eastwood Park, just south of Falfield. The A ride was led by Carl and he took us out via Elmore and Saul to Frampton. Here, with the canal bridge opening for waterbourn traffic six riders took to the towpath. Not an ideal choice as the going was slippery – one rider came to grief but no harm whilst an ex-captain was obliged to walk. Returning to tarmac and Troy Town the group struck out for Berkeley and a diversion down to the old power station and back up to Ham. Then ever onwards to our destination for refreshments at just after 11am and 28 miles. We regrouped with the B ride (hills had entertained this group) and six set off for lunch at Frocester. Mechanicals were the order of the day: a cracked rear hub and broken spoke put paid to one; a generous thorn impeded progress for the Captain but provided him with a likely lead of three deflations in the coveted Bruce’s Bonus trophy; and finally on the run in home a broken hanger for the Membership Secretary forced a conversion to single speed to complete the ride. All told some 60 miles covered.