Kit Stocks

Our sponsor Phil Griffiths’ great team at Yellow / My Team Giordana have produced a catalogue just for our Club, with absolutely unbeatable prices guaranteed to Club members. Every garment, even those which have not yet been delivered, now has a firm price. Reminder, the price shown has a margin on top for Club funds which is rebated for those who put in extra time and effort on behalf of the Club or our affiliated organisations. Ask for details.

Kit News:

  • Reiteration, we now quote a firm price up front.
  • The FRC Club socks are the same price in both Medium and Long Cuff lengths, and Shoe Sizes S/M/L. We have spares available for order.
  • The Women’s Tenax Jersey Short Sleeve are cheaper than the Men’s equivalent. We can get just about any other garment in Women’s fit, if asked. Women’s fit items have points of difference from Men’s fit, so may be more comfortable. 
  • Giordana have not as yet completely withdrawn the Vero range; Jerseys short sleeve are still available for order, at least for 2018.

We have three designs, usually called White, Black and Gold. We have two patterns, one which is tightly tailored for racing and one which is more comfortably fitting for Club or training rides. The FRC range only comes in the racing fit, and only in the BC-approved White or (by request) Black. We have some current stock in the Club fit in Vero, in all three designs. However we are moving over for Club kit to the Tenax range which is higher quality than Vero and a little more expensive.

We keep in stock popular sizes of  Key Items, but if you want any of the other kit then put yourself on the Wish List and persuade 5 other people that they want one!

Click on this link to Check what’s in stock. or scroll to the Table below.

Contact Ken Sheldon – with a heading of your name and the kit you want – or 01452 714034 to buy anything in stock OR on order. Please don’t use Facebook, your order is liable to lose itself.